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Teenagers basketball training equipment K6809P2

Short Description:

A special professional intelligent basketball training machine designed by SIBOASI, drill anywhere at anytime!

  • 1.Customized design for teenagers
  • 2.Shooting speed and angle adjustable
  • 3.Remote control for multi serving modes
  • 4.Fixed-point/horizontal drills
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    Product Highlights:


    1. Double net design with backboard, adjustable height according to the player's level;

    2. Wireless control, Intelligent induction, multi-serving modes automatically;

    3. The speed, frequency, and angle can be adjusted on multiple levels according to different demands 4. Folding net to save space, moving wheels to change the venue easily;

    5. No need to pick up the ball, single or multi-player can practice repeatedly at the same time to strengthen the physical fitness, endurance, and muscle memory;

    6. Suitable for teenagers to carry out professional basketball skills training, gradually improving the players' competitive strength.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage AC100-240V 50/60HZ
    Power 360W
    Height 1~3m
    Serve distance 3.5~10m
    Ball capacity 1~3balls
    Frequency 2.8~7s/ball
    Ball size 5# or 6#
    Backboard lift 2.35~2.75m
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    Know more about SIBOASI teenagers basketball training machine

    SIBOASI basketball training machine K6809P2 is a device that helps basketball players improve their shooting, passing and comprehensive skills on the court. These machines are specifically designed to give players consistent opportunities to practice while simulating game-like scenarios. Here are some features and benefits of the youth basketball training machine:

    Shoot accuracy: The basketball training machine helps teens improve their shooting accuracy by providing consistent passing at the desired shooting location. These machines have adjustable distance, speed and trajectory settings, allowing players to practice shooting technique from different locations on the court.

    Passing proficiency: In addition to shooting, the training machine can also simulate passing. This helps teens develop their passing skills by consistently passing the ball in different ways, such as the chest pass, bounce pass or overhead pass. This feature is especially useful for practicing quick and accurate passing in game situations.

    Repetition and Muscle Memory: One of the main benefits of a trainer is the ability to perform repetitions. By consistently passing or shooting the ball, teens develop muscle memory, which is vital for improving shooting form, footwork and overall skill. Repetition is critical to building consistency, confidence and muscle memory, all of which contribute to improved performance.

    The basketball training machine can be adjusted to meet the specific needs and skill levels of individual youths. With customizable settings, players can practice various shooting techniques, such as free throws, mid-range shots, three-pointers, and even specific moves such as step-backs or fadeaways. This adaptability can help players improve their overall game by targeting specific areas of development. Many basketball trainers are designed to replicate game-like scenarios. They simulate passing from different angles, positions and heights, allowing teens to practice shooting or passing skills in situations very similar to real game play.

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