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Classical football training machine F2101

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Not only a passing machine, using it to train football skills systematically

  • 1.Remote control
  • 2.Battery optional
  • 3.Programmable drills (35 points)
  • 4.Shooting speed and angle adjustable
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    1. Intelligent induction serving, customized setting of serving parameters, a variety of serving modes optional;
    2. Intelligent landing-point programming, adjustable serving speed, angle, frequency, spin, etc;
    3. A variety of modes switchable, including fixed-point drills, two-line and three-line drills, lob and low drills, random drills, and spin drills;
    4. Suitable for both personal and team training, rapidly improve a variety of professional skills and enhance the comprehensive competitive strength;
    5. Spiral slide ball track, automatic serving, saving training time and improving training efficiency;
    6. Equipped with high-end wear-resistant pulleys at the bottom, highly portable, enable to enjoy sports anytime and anywhere;
    7. Professional playmate, suitable for various scenarios such as daily sports. coaching and training.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage  AC100-240V
    Power  360W
    Product size  93x72x129cm
    Net weight  102KG
    Ball capacity  15balls
    Frequency  4.5~8s/ball
    Ball size  5#
    Serve distance  5~20m
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    More information about soccer training machine---What a soccer training machine can do for you?

    SIBOASI Soccer training machines can provide players with several benefits. Here are some of the things a football training machine can do for you:

    Shooting practice: Simulate shooting scenes, practice shooting skills, accuracy, and strength. The machine can replicate different types of shots such as volleys, headers or free kicks, giving you the opportunity to improve your shooting skills.

    Passing and Crossing Practice: The machine can help you improve your catch and pass skills by delivering accurate, consistent passes and crosses. It can replicate different types of delivery, allowing you to practice first touch, control and decision-making in a variety of situations.

    Goalkeeper Training: Some football training machines can be programmed to simulate shots at different angles and speeds, providing goalkeepers with valuable training to improve their reflexes, positioning and saving techniques.

    Fitness and agility training: The football trainer can be used to create drills and exercises that focus on speed, agility and speed. These machines can help improve your footwork, acceleration and lateral movement, which are vital for football players.

    Repetition and Consistency: Trainers can provide repetitive and consistent training sessions, allowing players to practice a specific skill or technique over and over without fatigue. This helps develop muscle memory and improves your performance.

    Data analysis: Some advanced football training machines can collect data about your performance, such as speed, accuracy and reaction time. These metrics can provide valuable insights into your strengths, weaknesses and progress, helping you identify areas for improvement and track your long-term development.

    Overall, a football training machine can be an invaluable tool for enhancing your skills, improving performance and providing targeted training sessions to help you become a better player.

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