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Auto basketball drilling machine K2101

Short Description:

Good choice for home and clubs with competitive price for full functions basketball training machine

  • 1.Fixed-point drills, Spin drills, random drills
  • 2.Remote control for functions
  • 3.Adjustable speed and frequency
  • 4.2 years guarantee and life long support
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    1. Controlled by remote or phone APP, easy to operate;
    2. Intelligent induction serving, with unique spin function, a variety of serving modes available;
    3. The speed, frequency, and angle can be adjusted in multiple levels according to different demands;
    4. Intelligent calculation program, high-definition LED screen synchronously displays the data of exercise time, number of balls, number of goals, and hit rate;
    5. Folding net to save space, moving wheels to change the venue easily;
    6. No need to pick up the ball, single or multi-player can practice repeatedly at the same time to strengthen the physical fitness, endurance, and muscle memory;
    7. Various challenging professional drills to quickly improve players' competitiveness.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage AC100-240V 50/60HZ
    Power 360W
    Product size 65x87x173cm
    Net weight 126KG
    Ball capacity 1~3balls
    Frequency 1.5~7s/ball
    Ball size 6# or 7#
    Serve distance 4~10m
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    Who will need a SIBOASI basketball shooting machine?

    There are several categories of people who may be interested in purchasing a basketball shooting machine:

    Basketball players: Whether they are amateur or professional basketball players, if they want to improve their shooting skills, they can consider buying a basketball shooting machine. This includes players of all levels, from beginners to advanced athletes looking to improve the accuracy, form and consistency of their shots.

    Coaches and Trainers: Basketball coaches and trainers are often on the lookout for tools and equipment that can enhance their players' training sessions. Basketball shooting machines can be an invaluable asset in team workouts or individual workouts, allowing coaches to provide players with consistent and targeted practice opportunities.

    Basketball academies and training centers: Institutions that specialize in basketball training, such as academies and professional training centers, can invest in basketball shooting machines to provide students with high-quality training facilities. These facilities can appeal to aspiring players who want to improve their shooting skills and overall basketball ability.

    Schools and Universities: The athletic department of a school or university may see value in incorporating a basketball shooting machine into its curriculum. These machines can be used in basketball training sessions or programs to provide students with specialized tools to improve their shooting technique.

    Recreation Centers and Sports Facilities: Facilities that cater to recreational basketball players or offer basketball programs may choose to purchase shooting machines to provide additional training options. This allows players of all ages and skill levels to practice shooting consistently and accurately.

    Home Users: Some basketball enthusiasts and fans may choose to invest in a basketball shooting machine for personal use. This may include individuals with private basketball courts or dedicated practice spaces, as well as families who want to participate in recreational basketball activities at home.

    Professional Teams: Professional basketball teams, especially those with dedicated practice facilities, may invest in high-quality basketball shooting machines to support player development. The machines can aid in team training, individual skills training and rehabilitation programs for injured players.

    It's important to note that the decision to purchase a basketball shooting machine depends on factors such as budget, training goals, and space availability. SIBOASI machines can be a significant investment, but for those working on improving their marksmanship, they can provide an invaluable and convenient training resource.

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