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High end basketball passing machine with display K2100A

Short Description:

SIBOASI best basektball shooting training machine for colleges and government purchase, shot rate display

  • 1.Fixed-point drills, Spin drills, random drills
  • 2.LED display for hit rate
  • 3.Adjustable speed and frequency
  • 4.Consistent shot with record
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    Product Highlights:

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    1. Controlled by remote or phone APP, easy to operate;
    2. Intelligent induction serving, with unique spin function,variety of serving modes available;
    3. The speed, frequency, and angle can be adjusted on multiple levels according to different demands;
    4. Intelligent calculation program, high-definition LED screen synchronously displays the data of exercise time, number of balls, number of goals, and hit rate;
    5. Folding net to save space, moving wheels to change the venue easily;
    6. No need to pick up the ball, single or multi-player can practice repeatedly at the same time to strengthen physical fitness, endurance, and muscle memory;
    7. Various challenging professional drills to quickly improve players' competitiveness.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage AC100-240V 50/60HZ
    Power 360W
    Product size 65x87x173cm
    Net weight 126KG
    Ball capacity 1~3balls
    Ball size 6# or 7#
    Frequency 1.5~7s/ball
    Serve distance 4~10m
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    What’s the special of a SIBOASI basketball machine comparing others?

    The SIBOASI Products were designed and developed through years and years of feedback collected from professional skills trainers and player development coaches. In which all have used a variety of the markets other brands of equipment over the years, but all shared similar problems due to the poor design quality and engineering of those other products as they were not reliable for the long term. Broken springs, weakened telescopic net supports, and just an overall break down of the equipment from the aggressively loud clanking of the internal parts.  Lastly, but not least - our competitors extremely HIGH PRICES !

    We knew that there could be something much better — so we got to work. The first decibel difference you will notice while our equipment is operating is nothing. That is correct, absolutely nothing! Our patented TruPASS passing mechanism does not make the incredibly loud clanking noises that you hear with the other equipment on the market. The TruPASS technology is a spring free system and has been specifically engineered to replicate the velocity and backspin of a ‘Game-Like’ pass to help enhance each players catching ability. The SIBOASI was also designed to be more compact overall to help accommodate moving and storing the units for sheds, garages, and gymnasium storage closets. Customers will find our machine way more affordable and with less service needed.

    The SIBOASI basektball machine is the only TRUE ‘Game-Like’ passing mechanism on the market.

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