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Best designed basketball shooting machine K2101A

Short Description:

A most advanced basketball shooting machine with Application control and programming functions for drilling

  • 1.Fixed point drills
  • 2.App control via Bluetooth
  • 3.Speed and angle adjustable
  • 4.Game like for catching ball
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    Product Highlights:

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    1. Mobile APP and smart remote control are optional and easy to operate;
    2. Intelligent induction serving, with unique spin function, a variety of serving modes available;
    3. The speed, frequency, and angle can be adjusted on multiple levels according to different demands;
    4. Folding net to save space, moving wheels to change the venue easily;
    5. No need to pick up the ball, single or multi-player can practice repeatedly at the same time to strengthen physical fitness, endurance, and muscle memory;
    6. Various challenging professional drills to quickly improve players' competitiveness.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage AC100-240V 50/60HZ
    Power 360W
    Product size 65x87x173cm
    Net weight 118KG
    Ball capacity 1~3balls
    Ball size 6# or 7#
    Frequency 1.5~7s/ball
    Serve distance 4~10m
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    What you can get from a SIBOASI basketball shooting machine?

    SIBOASI Basketball shooting machines offer multiple benefits to players, coaches and training facilities. Here are some of the advantages you can get from a basketball shooting machine:

    Efficient&Targeted Practice: The shot machine allows players to effectively practice their shooting skills by delivering consistent balls and quick rebounds. This eliminates the need to retrieve the ball and maximizes shot time. It also allows players to focus on specific shooting techniques or areas on the court for targeted practice.

    Increase the number of repetitions: The shooting machine can take a large number of shots in a short period of time, allowing players to accumulate more shooting repetitions than traditional practice methods. This repetition helps improve muscle memory, accuracy and shooting form for more consistent shooting performance.

    Consistency and Accuracy: The shot machine is designed to provide a consistent and accurate pass or throw, ensuring that every shot is made with the same speed, arc and trajectory. This consistency helps players develop muscle memory and proper shooting technique, resulting in improved shot accuracy over time.

    Customizable Drills and Drills: Many shooting machines come with preset drills and programmable options that allow players and coaches to create custom drills. These drills replicate game-like scenarios, simulating various shooting situations, and challenging players to adapt to different shooting conditions. This versatility improves overall shooting skill and decision-making.

    Time-saving and convenient: With the shooting machine, players can practice shooting when it is convenient for them, instead of relying on others to pass the ball. This saves time and eliminates the need for a training partner, perfect for personal training sessions or when access to the basketball court or gym may be limited.

    Performance Tracking and Feedback: Certain advanced shooting machines are equipped with technology that tracks shooting statistics such as field goal percentage, shot arc and shot release time. This feedback can help players identify areas for improvement and track progress over time. Some machines can also provide visual or audio cues to correct shooting posture in real time.

    Versatility and Adaptability: The shooting machine can be adjusted according to the specific needs of different players, adapting to various shooting heights, distances and shooting angles. This versatility allows players to replicate game scenarios, practice different types of shots (e.g., catch-and-shoot, off-balance, fadeaways), and develop versatile shooting skills. Ultimately, basketball shooting machines can accelerate skill development, improve shooting performance, and provide a convenient and efficient way to practice shooting technique. This can be a valuable investment for players and facilities working to improve their basketball capabilities.

    Besides, unlike other shooting machines, SIBOASI patent for shooting allows player get a real game-alike feel when catching the ball from the machine, just like passing from another player’s real hand, with spin and strong hit!

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