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SIBOASI Badminton only racket stringing machine S2169

Short Description:

A high-quality racket stringing machine is an essential tool for any badminton player. SIBOASI Badminton only racket stringing machine will be your best choice.

  • 1.Badminton racket only
  • 2.Adjustable speed,sound,kgs/lbs
  • 3.Self-check,knot,storage,pre-stretch, constant pull function
  • 4.Synchronous racket holding and automatic clamp holding system
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    Product Highlights:

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    1. Stable constant pull function, power-on self-checking, automatic fault detection function;
    2. Storage memory function, four groups of pounds can be arbitrarily set for storage;
    3. Set up four sets of pre-stretching functions to reduce damage to the strings;
    4. Memory function of pulling times and setting of three-speed pulling speed;
    5. Knotting and pounds increasing setting, automatic reset after knotting and stringing;
    6. Synchronous racket clamping system, six-point positioning, more uniform force on the racket.
    Extra column with 10cm height optional for different height people

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage AC 100-240V
    Power 35W
    Suitable for Badminton rackets
    Net weight 39KG
    Size 47x96x110cm
    Colour Black
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    More About SIBOASI racket stringing machine

    Racket stringing machines are important tools for tennis and badminton players. They are used to string rackets and ensure that they are at the right tension and have the ideal string layout.

    Another essential need of a racket stringing machine is the accuracy of the tension, which is important as it determines the amount of control the player has over the racket. String tension is crucial, and even small variations can hugely affect the player's performance. The ability to set the desired tension and keep it consistent across all of the strings on the racket is vital for optimal performance.

    Q1. How can I contact SIBOASI for more information or inquiries?

    For more information or inquiries, customers can reach out to SIBOASI through their official website or contact their customer service team via phone or email. The company's dedicated support team is readily available to address any questions or concerns customers may have.

    Q2. Can SIBOASI customize sports equipment according to specific requirements?

    Yes, SIBOASI understands that different athletes and sports organizations may have unique requirements. Therefore, the company offers customization services for its sports equipment, allowing customers to tailor products to their specific needs. Interested customers can contact SIBOASI directly to discuss their customization requirements.


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