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SIBOASI tennis ball serving machine S4015A

Short Description:

To Become A Better Tennis Player, You Need To Get The Basics Right, And That’S Where A Tennis Ball Serving Machine Could Come To Your Aid.

  • 1. Smart phone APP control and remote control;
  • 2. Wide/medium/ narrow two-line drills,three-line drills;
  • 3. Lob drills, vertical drills,spin drills;
  • 4. Programmable drills (35 points);
  • 5. Volley drills,random drills.
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    Product Highlights:

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    1. Smart remote control and mobile phone APP control.
    2. Intelligent drills, customized serving speed, angle, frequency, spin, etc;
    3. Intelligent landing-point programming, 35 points optional, multiple serving modes, making training accurate;
    4. Drills frequency of 1.8-9 seconds, helping improve players' reflexes, physical fitness, and stamina;
    5. Enable players to standardize basic movements, practice forehand, and backhand, footwork, and improve the accuracy of the ball hitting:
    6. Equipped with a large-capacity storage basket, greatly increasing practice for players;
    7. Professional playmate, good for various scenarios such as daily sporting, coaching, and training.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage  AC 100-240V & DC 12V
    Power  360W
    Product size  57*41*82cm
    Net weight  26KG
    Ball capacity  150balls
    Frequency  1.8~9s/ball
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    More About tennis ball serving machine

    five_start Why you need SIBOASI tennis ball serving machine

    five_start Precision Practice: Achieve accurate and consistent ball placement for targeted skill development.

    five_start Customizable Speed and Intensity: Adjust settings to match your skill level and training needs.

    five_start Dynamic Drills: Program the machine for specific training drills, improving footwork and shot selection.

    five_start Reliable Training Partner: Always ready for practice.

    five_start Physical Conditioning: Build endurance, hand-eye coordination, and overall fitness.

    five_start Efficient Training: Maximize training time without interruptions or ball retrieval.

    five_start Mental Focus: Enhance concentration and decision-making skills in a pressure-free environment.

    five_start Portable Convenience: Easily transport and use the machine on any available court.

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