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SIBOASI Latest tennis ball shooter machine T3

Short Description:

The 7th generation tennis ball machine,cheap price but full function,make everyone can play tennis!


  • 1.Smartphone APP control and remote control;
  • 2.Programmable drills (21 points);
  • 3.Oscillation in horizontal and vertical
  • 4.Spin drill/Random drill/Lob drill/Cross drill
  • 5.Battery optional
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    Product Features:


    1.Smart wireless remote control and mobile phone APP control
    2.Smart drills,customize the serving speed,angle,frequency,spin,etc.;
    3.Intelligent landing programming,21 optional points,1-3 balls of each drop point optionally,3 sets of programming modes, fine-tuning of pitch angle and horizontal angle;
    4.Customized training program,multiple modes of fixed-point drills,two-line drills,cross-line drills(2 modes) and random drills are optional;
    5.The serving frequency is 1.8-9 seconds,helping players to quickly improve their competitive strength;
    6.It can help players to standardize basic movements,practice forehand and backhand,footsteps,and footwork,and improve the accuracy of returning the ball;
    7.Battery,dust cover and cleaner optionally

    Product Parameters

    Power  170W
    Product size 47*40*101cm(unfold)


    Net weight 16kg
    Ball capacity 120pcs
    Color Black,red

    More about tennis ball shooting machine

    As the leading factory of tennis ball machines in China for the past 18 years, we are proud to offer a product that combines cutting-edge technology with convenience. Our newest tennis ball machine is equipped with full functionality, allowing players to practice a wide range of shots and techniques. Whether you're working on your forehand, backhand, volleys, or serves, this machine has got you covered.

    One of the key features of our newest tennis ball machine is its portability. We understand the importance of being able to practice anywhere, anytime, which is why we have designed this machine to be lightweight and easy to transport. Whether you're hitting the courts for a solo practice session or taking it with you to a coaching session, this machine is the perfect companion for players on the go.

    In addition to its impressive features, our tennis ball machine is offered at a competitive price point, making it accessible to players of all levels. At our factory, we prioritize customer satisfaction and are committed to providing easy customization options to meet individual requirements. Furthermore, our after sale services are convenient and reliable, ensuring that you have the support you need long after your purchase.

    Experience the difference that our newest tennis ball machine can make in your training regimen. Join the countless players who have elevated their game with our top-quality, affordable, and portable tennis ball machine.

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