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SIBOASI badminton shuttlecock launcher machine S8025A

Short Description:

SIBOASI badminton shuttlecock launcher machine S8025A is the most professional model with double head and portable Ipad operation to train and store different modes.

  • 1.Double head professional training
  • 2.Smart phone IPAD&APP control
  • 3.Programmable drills (21points)
  • 4.Customization 100 modes
  • 5.Extreme speed training mode
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    Product Highlights:

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    1.Smart portable Ipad and mobile phone APP control, one click to start, enjoy sports easily;
    2. Intelligent serving, Serving speed/frequency/angle adjustable
    3. Two-Machine serving, all-round coverage,Function covers the entire badminton court
    4. 100 modes defined by you, targeted training
    5. Tablet PC APP control, multi-mode storage can be used to formulate corresponding teaching plans for different students and different technical levels.
    6. Simulate a real person's serve to restore the actual combat training experience
    7.The forecourt and the backcourt are completed by two machines. The serve is more stable, the landing point is more accurate, and the ball path is more convenient. The cooperation between the two machines realizes the full coverage of the court. There are nice accessibility features for level skill improvement.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage AC100-240V 50/60HZ
    Power 360W
    Product size 108x64.2x312cm
    Net weight 80KG
    Ball capacity 360shuttles
    Frequency 0.7~8s/shuttle
    Horizontal angle 38 degrees (IPAD)
    Elevation angle -16 to 33 degrees (electronic)
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    SIBOASI badminton shuttlecock launcher machine

    Are you an avid badminton fan? Do you want to up your game and take your skills to the next level? If the answer is yes, you're in luck! In this blog post we will discuss the benefits of incorporating a badminton trainer into your daily practice. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this device will undoubtedly help you improve your gameplay.

    The badminton training machine is an extraordinary tool that allows athletes to practice and improve their skills independently. Gone are the days of having to rely on a partner to hit the ball back and forth. With this machine, you are free to train at any time without the need for a second person.

    Let's dig a little deeper into the advantages of using a badminton trainer during practice. First, the device enables you to focus on specific aspects of your game that need improvement. Whether it's footwork, forehand, backhand technique or serve mechanics, you can customize the machine to replicate the shots you want to practice. This feature allows for targeted training and helps you iron out any weaknesses in your game.

    In addition, the badminton training machine ensures the consistency and accuracy of your shots. Unlike playing against human opponents, who may hit the ball differently, the machine will consistently hit the ball the same way every time. This enables you to develop a consistent rhythm and improve your timing, which is crucial in badminton.

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