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SIBOASI economic tennis ball shooting machine T2201A

Short Description:

Tennis ball shooting machine are a great way to practice your tennis skills all year around.SIBOASI machine will be your best choice.

  • 1. Smart phone APP control and remote control;
  • 2. Lithium battery last 2-3 hours;
  • 3. Wide two-line drills,three-line drills;
  • 4. Lob drills, vertical drills,spin drills;
  • 5. Random drills,volley drills.
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    Product Highlights:

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    1. Smart remote control and mobile phone APP control;

    2. Intelligent drills, customized serving speed, angle,frequency, spin, etc;

    3. Drills frequency of 1.8-7 seconds, helping improve players' reflexes, physical fitness, and stamina;

    4. Enable players to standardize basic movements, practice forehand, and backhand, footwork, and improve the accuracy of ball hitting;

    5. Equipped with a large-capacity storage basket, greatly increasing practice for players;

    6. Professional playmate, good for various scenarios such as daily sporting, coaching, and training.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage  DC 12V
    Product size  53x43x76cm
    Ball capacity  100balls
    Power  360W
    Net weight  20.5KG
    Frequency  1.8~7s/ball
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    More About tennis ball shooting machine

    One of the main advantages of a tennis ball shooting machine is its ability to provide consistent practice. Unlike human opponents, machines can hit balls with precision, allowing players to repeat specific shots. This translates into the development of muscle memory, leading to improved technique and better overall performance.

    Plus, tennis ball shooting machine offer unmatched flexibility and convenience. With this device, you can fine-tune your practice schedule according to your free time. Say goodbye to relying on coordination with partners or struggling to find available court time. You can now practice whenever and wherever you want, ensuring your training is more efficient and productive.

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