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SIBOASI badminton racquet gutting machine S516

Short Description:

SIBOASI badminton racquet gutting machine offers consistent tension, customizable string tension, saves time and money, provides quality strings and durability, and enhances the playing experience.

  • 1.Badminton racket only
  • 2.Adjustable speed,sound,kgs/lbs
  • 3.Self-check,knot,storage,pre-stretch, constant pull functionch, constant pull function
  • 4.Synchronous racket holding and automatic clamp holding system
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    Product Highlights:

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    1. Stable constant pull function, power-on self-checking, automatic fault detection function;
    2. Storage memory function, four groups of pounds can be arbitrarily set for storage;
    3. Set up four sets of pre-stretching functions to reduce damage to the strings;
    4. Knotting and pounds increasing setting, automatic reset after knotting and stringing;
    5. Three-level setting function of button sound;
    6. KG/LB conversion function;
    7. Pound adjusting by "+,-" function settings, adjusted level with 0.1 pounds.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage  AC 100-240V
    Power  35W
    Suitable for  Badminton and tennis rackets
    Net weight  29.5KG
    Size  46x94x111cm
    Colour  Black
    S516 details-2

    To a stringing machine, what function are necessary needed?

    For stringing machine, the following functions are required:

    Tensioning: The machine should be able to tension the strings exactly to the desired level. This is critical to achieving consistent string tension and performance.

    Clamping: The machine should have a reliable and secure clamping system to hold the strings in place during stringing. This ensures that the strings will not slip or move when tensioned.

    Mounting System: The machine should have a strong and adjustable mounting system to hold the racquet securely in place during stringing. The mounting system should be easy to use and provide stability throughout the threading process.

    Rope Clamps: Machines should have efficient and effective rope clamps to secure the rope and prevent it from slipping or unraveling when tensioned.

    Pay-off tools: The machine should be equipped with necessary tools such as wire cutters, awls, pliers, and starting clips. These tools are essential for efficient stringing and tuning as needed.

    Ease of use: Machines should be user-friendly and intuitive, with clear instructions and controls. It should be easy to operate and set up for fast and efficient threading.

    Durable and Reliable: The machine should be made of high-quality materials and durable. It should be able to withstand frequent and heavy use without any major issues or malfunctions. Having these necessary features ensures that the stringing machine can effectively and efficiently string tennis, badminton or squash racquets, producing high quality stringing work.

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