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SIBOASI badminton shooting machine B2202A

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Elevate your badminton game with our programmable intelligent badminton shooters product category. Featuring cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, our selection of badminton shooters can be programmed to deliver the perfect shot every time.

  • 1.Smart Remote & APP control
  • Programmable drills (14 points)
  • 3. Two kinds of cross-line drills
  • 4. Two-line drills,four-corner drills
  • 5. Net ball drills, high clear drills smash drills
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    1. Smart remote control and mobile phone APP control, one click to start, enjoy sports easily:
    2. Intelligent serving, height can be set freely, (speed, frequency, the angle can be customized, etc);
    3. Intelligent landing point programming, two kinds of cross-line ball, could be any combination of vertical swing ball, high clear ball, and smash ball;
    4. Multi-function servings: two-line drills, three-line drills, netball drills, flat drills, high clear drills, smash drills, etc;
    5. Help players standardize basic movements, practice forehand and backhand, footsteps, and footwork, and improve the accuracy of hitting the ball;
    6. Large capacity ball cage, serving continuously, greatly
    improve sports efficiency:
    7. It can be used for daily sports, teaching, and training, and is an excellent badminton-playing partner.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage AC100-240V & DC12V
    Power 360W
    Product size 122x103x305cm
    Net weight 31KG
    Ball capacity 180shuttles
    Frequency 1.2~5.5s/shuttle
    Horizontal angle 30 degrees (remote control)
    Elevation angle -15 to 33 degrees (electronic)
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    More about badminton shooting machine

    A badminton shooting machine, also known as a shuttlecock launcher or ball feeder, is a device that automatically shoots shuttlecocks to players during practice sessions. It is widely used by badminton players of all levels to improve their technique, precision and consistency.

    Here are some key features and benefits of using a badminton shooting machine:

    Consistent Feeds: One of the main advantages of using a shooting machine is the ability to receive consistent shuttlecock feeds. By setting the machine to the desired speed, trajectory and position, players can practice specific shots over and over and perfect their technique.

    Enhanced Control: The pitching machine allows players to precisely control the throwing of the shuttlecock. This allows them to focus on specific areas of the court or to practice shots that they struggle to master, such as clearances, lobs, smashes or net shots.

    Individual training: With the shooting machine, players can practice on their own without a training partner. This is convenient for individuals who have limited access to practice partners or wish to improve their skills at their own pace.

    Adjustable settings: Most shooting machines have adjustable settings including speed, spin, position and trajectory. This flexibility allows players to simulate different game scenarios and challenges, enhancing their adaptability and decision-making on the pitch.

    Save Time: Using the ball shooting machine saves time because it eliminates the need to manually feed the balls. Players can focus on their shots and technique, maximizing practice efficiency.

    Strength and conditioning training: Consistent use of the shooting machine to practice can improve a player's fitness and stamina. It enables them to perform repetitive shots, footwork and quick reflexes, enhancing their overall fitness for the game.

    While badminton shooting machines have various advantages, it is worth noting that they should not replace regular games and training with other players. Playing against real opponents provides the dynamic and unpredictable environment needed to develop game awareness, strategic thinking and situational awareness.

    In conclusion, the badminton shot machine can be an invaluable training tool for improving accuracy, control and consistency in your shots. However, it should be complemented by regular practice with other players to develop overall skill and game understanding.

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