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Elite tennis drop feeding machine T2000A

Short Description:

Design for tennis beginners to feed tennis ball, with remote to adjust dropping frequency, smart and interesting choice for kids and adults

  • 1.Remote control
  • 2.Adjustable frequency
  • 3.Light and portable
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    Product Highlights:


    1. Triangular bracket support, firm and stable;

    2. Drills frequency 1.8-9 seconds, practice forehand and backhand, footsteps, and footwork to improve the accuracy of returning the ball;

    3. Equipped with a large-capacity receiving basket to increase ball touching rate and improve training efficiency;

    4. The training rhythm can be switched freely, the operation is simple, good playmate.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage  AC100-240V output 24V
    Power  120W
    Product size  106x106x151cm
    Net weight  15KG
    5Ball capacity  100balls
    6Frequency  1.8~9s/ball
    T2000A details-2

    How the tennis feeding device to improve your tennis skills?

    A tennis ball feeder, also known as a serve machine, is a useful tool for improving tennis technique. It can provide a range of advantages to the player in terms of shot development, footwork, consistency and overall performance. Here's how a tennis ball feeder can help you improve your tennis skills:

    Consistent hitting practice: One of the main advantages of a tennis ball feeder is the ability to consistently hit the ball with a specific trajectory, speed and spin. This allows players to practice hitting the ball repeatedly, improving muscle memory and hitting technique. By hitting a lot of shots in a controlled environment, players can perfect their technique and build consistency.

    Various Shots: Tennis ball feeders often offer a range of shot options, including different spins, speeds, heights, and angles. Not only does this help players diversify their shot selection, but it also helps them prepare for the various shot types in the game. Practice with a ball machine ensures that players are exposed to a variety of shots and develop skills in handling different ball characteristics.

    Footwork and Court Coverage: In addition to hitting practice, the tennis ball feeder helps develop footwork and court coverage. By setting up machines to deliver the ball to specific spots on the pitch, players can improve their agility, movement and positioning. The machine can simulate offensive and defensive scenarios, forcing players to adjust their feet and cover the court quickly.

    Timing and Reaction: The tennis ball feeder can be adjusted to change the timing between shots, forcing players to increase their reflexes. This enhances their ability to anticipate and prepare for shots to perform better against opponents on the court.

    Practice Alone: One of the main advantages of using a ball machine is the ability to practice independently without relying on a partner or coach. This allows players to practice how long they want anytime, anywhere. Individual exercises with a ball machine can focus on specific areas of improvement or targeted drills that allow players to work on their weaknesses and strengthen specific aspects of their game.

    Training Intensity and Endurance: Tennis Ball Feeding Device enables players to perform high-intensity training through continuous serving. This helps improve stamina, stamina, and the ability to sustain performance over extended periods of time. Players can adjust machine settings to simulate race conditions, improving their durability during long rallies and intense matches. In conclusion, the tennis ball feeder is an excellent tool for improving tennis skills as it provides consistent hitting practice, multiple strokes, aids in footwork development, improves reaction speed and timing, allows for individual practice, improves training intensity and stamina. By incorporating a serve machine into their training sessions, players can improve their overall game and performance on the tennis court.

    This model is a simple tennis training device from SIBOASI sports, some more professional tennis ball machines are waiting for your choice here!

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