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SIBOASI Court wiper S407

Short Description:

The cleaners of the sports grounds,let the rain water have no where to hide!

  • 1. 360-degree cardan wheel,noiseless.
  • 2. High rebound EVA strip.
  • 3. All aluminum alloy, polyester powder coating.
  • 4. Light and easy to use.
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    Product Highlights:

    S407 details-1

    1.Integrated design,beautiful and generous,sturdy and durable

    2.Excellent pulley walks freely,flexible braking,smooth and quiet sliding

    3.Stable and safe aluminum alloy material support is provided to quickly clean water stains

    4.Easy to carry,and suitable for all kinds of training places

    Product Parameters:

    Packing size  148x20x30cm
    Product size 126*152*188cm
    Net weight  3.3KG
    Gross weight  14.5kg
    S407 details-2

    More about court wiper

    When it comes to playing on the court, whether it's for tennis, basketball, or any other outdoor sport, everyone desires a clean and dry surface. However, dealing with water on the court can often be a nuisance, making the playing conditions less than ideal. This incredible tools not only make it easier to clear water but also save time and bring convenience to every game. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using court wipers and how they can enhance your playing experience.

    Efficient Water Removal:

    Court wipers are specifically designed equipment used to clear water from the court efficiently. Equipped with absorbent materials, such as sponges or rubber blades, they ensure quick water removal, leaving the surface clean and dry. This feature significantly reduces the chances of slipping, preventing accidents and injuries.

    Time-Saving Solution:

    Manual wiping and mopping to clear the court can be a time-consuming process. However, with court wipers, the water-clearing task becomes swift and effortless. By eliminating the need for multiple rounds of mopping, players can enjoy a seamless transition from preparation to gameplay. This allows more time for practice, fun, and recreational activities for everyone involved.

    Convenience on the Court:

    Court wipers are designed with the player's convenience in mind. They are lightweight and easy to handle, allowing anyone to use them comfortably. These ergonomically designed wipers enable players to clear water from any corner of the court without much effort. No more dreading the task of waiting for the court to dry up naturally – simply grab a court wiper and get back to enjoying your game.

    Suitable for Various Courts:

    The versatility of court wipers allows them to be used on different types of courts, including tennis, basketball, pickle ball, or any other frequently watered surface. The adjustable handle lengths and various blade options make them adaptable to the unique requirements of each type of court. Regardless of the sport you play, a court wiper is an essential addition to your equipment collection.


    Court wipers not only simplify the task of clearing water from the court but also save time and provide convenience to players. With their efficient water removal capabilities, these tools ensure a safe and dry playing surface. Say goodbye to the hassle of waiting for the rain or sprinklers to dry up and say hello to uninterrupted play with court wipers. Invest in this indispensable tool and elevate your court experience to a new level of comfort and enjoyment.

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