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Electronic tension head for stringing machine

Short Description:

Computer tension head make your stringing faster,more convenient and accurate!

  • 1. Pounds are accurate to 0.1 pounds.
  • 2. Suitable for most manual stringing machine.
  • 3. Constant pull function makes string no damage.
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    Product Features:

    1. Stable constant pull function,power-on self-checking,automatic fault detection function;

    2. Storage memory function,four groups of pounds can be arbitrarily set for storage;

    3. Set up four sets of prestretching functions to reduce damage to the strings;

    4. Knotting and pounds increasing setting,automatic reset after knotting and stringing;

    5. Three-level setting function of button sound;

    6. KG/LB conversion function;

    7. Pound adjusting by "+-function settings,adjusted level with 0.1 pounds.

    Product Parameters:

    Power 35W
    Product size 20*32*11cm
    Gross weight 12kg
    Net weight 6kg
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    More About Stringing Tension Head

    ● In the world of racket sports, stringing machines play a crucial role in ensuring that the string tension of rackets is precise and consistent. Traditionally, manual stringing machines have been favored by professionals and enthusiasts alike due to their affordability and simplicity. However, with advancements in technology, the introduction of computer tension heads has revolutionized the stringing process, making it faster, more convenient, and more accurate.

    ● One such innovation is the electronic tension head, specifically designed for manual stringing machines. This computer tension head is a game-changer, allowing stringers to achieve optimal string tension with minimal effort. By incorporating advanced technology, this device takes the guesswork out of stringing, ensuring superior performance in the sports arena.

    ● The primary advantage of a computer tension head lies in its ability to string rackets faster and more conveniently. With a traditional tension head, the stringer manually adjusts the tension by twisting a knob, which can be time-consuming and imprecise. In contrast, the computer tension head autonomously adjusts the tension electronically, saving valuable time and energy. This means that professionals can string multiple rackets within a shorter time frame, making it an ideal choice for tournaments or training sessions.

    ● Furthermore, the computer tension head offers unrivaled accuracy in terms of string tension. With its advanced sensors and calibration system, it provides precise readings, ensuring that the desired pounds are achieved consistently. This accuracy is the key in enhancing the racket's performance, as even a slight variation in string tension can significantly impact the player's control and power.

    ● In conclusion, the combination of a manual stringing machine with a computer tension head has simplified the stringing process in racket sports. The electronic tension head offers unmatched efficiency, allowing stringers to save time and effort while achieving accurate and consistent string tension. By investing in this innovative accessory, professionals and enthusiasts can optimize their game by ensuring that their racket's performance is always at its peak. Embrace the technological advancement and take your stringing to the next level.

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