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Intelligent padel tennis ball training machine TP210

Short Description:

Specially design for professional training, one key to switch training mode for both padel and tennis shooting to meet different court size and player’s level

  • 1. Fixed-point drills, random,vertical drills
  • 2. Two-line,three-line drills
  • 3. Programmable drills (35 points)
  • 4. Cross-line,volley,spin,lob drills
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    Product Highlights:

    TP210 details-1

    1. Smart drills, customize the serving speed, angle,
    frequency, spin, etc.;
    2. Intelligent landing programming, 35 optional points, intelligent
    fine-tuning of pitch angle and horizontal angle:
    3. Customized training program, multiple modes of fixed-point
    drills, two-line drills, cross-line drills, and random drills are optional;
    4. The serving frequency is 1.8-9 seconds, helping players to quickly improve their competitive strength;
    5. It can help players to standardize basic movements, practice forehand and backhand, footsteps, and footwork, and improve the accuracy of returning the ball;
    6. Equipped with a large-capacity storage basket and a lithium
    battery, the ball can be served in a continuous cycle for a
    long time, which greatly increases the ball touching rate;
    7. Professional training mate, which can be used in various scenarios such as daily sports, teaching, and training.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage AC100-240V 50/60HZ
    Power 360W
    Product size 60x40x85cm
    Net weight 29.5KG
    Ball capacity 170balls
    Frequency 1.8~9s/ball
    TP210 details-2

    What’s is a perfect padel tennis training machine professionally?

    Paddle tennis training machine is a special equipment to help athletes improve paddle tennis skills and performance. Paddle tennis is a popular racquet sport similar to tennis and squash that requires a combination of skill, strategy and physical agility. The trainer is a valuable tool for players of all levels, offering a range of benefits that can improve their game.

    One of the main advantages of a paddle tennis machine is its ability to deliver consistent and precise shots. The machine can be programmed to replicate various types of shots, including serves, lobs, forehands, backhands and volleys. This allows players to practice and perfect their technique in a controlled and repetitive manner, helping to develop muscle memory and improve hitting technique. The trainer can also be adjusted to accommodate players of different skill levels.

    Beginners can start with slower ball speeds and easier stroke patterns, focusing on developing their fundamental stroke and consistency. As the player progresses, the machine can be programmed to increase the speed, spin and complexity of the shot, providing the player with more challenging scenarios to overcome. Additionally, the trainer helps improve a player's reaction time, footwork and court coverage. By simulating different shot changes, players can practice moving quickly and efficiently to find the sweet spot for hitting the ball. This feature is especially beneficial for improving agility and on-field mobility.

    In addition to enhancing technical skills and fitness, the trainer also provides opportunities for independent practice. Players can practice at their own convenience without the need for a partner, an invaluable resource for those struggling to find a practice partner or access the field. This self-sufficiency allows players to specialize in specific areas of the game or focus on targeted training to address their weaknesses.

    Overall, the paddle tennis trainer is a valuable tool for players looking to take their game to the next level. It provides consistent shooting, adaptability to different skill levels, improved technique and footwork, and supports independent practice. By incorporating a training machine into their routine, athletes can improve skills, build confidence and ultimately perform better on the paddle tennis court.

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