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SIBOASI tennis ball feeding machine T2202A

Short Description:

Are you a tennis enthusiast looking for an effective way to take your game to the next level? A tennis ball feeding machine will be your most reliable training partner.

  • 1. Smartphone APP control and remote control.
  • 2. Lithium battery work for 3-4 hours.
  • 3. Battery life display.
  • 4. Programmable drills (21 points).
  • 5. Two-line drills, Lob drills, vertical and horizontal drills, spin drills, random drills, volley drills.
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    Product Highlights:

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    1. Smart remote control and mobile phone APP control.

    2. Intelligent drills, customized serving speed, angle,frequency, spin, etc;

    3. Intelligent landing-point programming with 21 points optional, multiple serving modes.making training accurate;

    4. Drills frequency of 1.8-9 seconds, helping improve players' reflexes, physical fitness, and stamina;

    5. Enable players to standardize basic movements, practice forehand, and backhand, footwork, and improve the accuracy of ball hitting;

    6. Equipped with a large-capacity storage basket, greatly increasing practice for players;

    7. Professional playmate, good for various scenarios such as daily sporting, coaching, and training.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage  AC 100-240V & DC 12V
    Power  360W
    Product size  57x41x82m
    Net weight  25.5KG
    Ball capacity  150balls
    Frequency  1.8~9s/ball
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    More About tennis ball feeding machine

    Have you ever dreamed of improving your tennis skills without needing a partner? Or are you a tennis coach looking for a way to enhance your training sessions? The innovative tennis ball feeding machine is your best choice! This breakthrough device has revolutionized the way tennis is practiced and offers countless benefits for athletes of all levels.

    SIBOASI tennis ball feeding machine is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed to simulate real game scenarios and help players improve their game. It consists of a hopper filled with many tennis balls, which are then propelled at different speeds, heights and angles. This versatile machine can be adjusted for different skill levels, suitable for beginners, intermediate players and even professionals.

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