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Smart soccer shooting machine with App control F2101A

Short Description:

Newest designed device with Application and remote control for soccer training

  • 1.Application support via bluetooth connect
  • 2.15balls capacity
  • 3.Durable quality with life term tech support
  • 4.Ground ball drills and header drills
  • 5.Programming drills (35 points)
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    1. Intelligent wireless remote control or connected to the mobile APP; Easy, convenient, and efficient;
    2. Intelligent landing-point programming, adjustable serving speed, angle, frequency, spin, etc ;
    3. The horizontal angle and elevation angle can be fine-tuned, as the ground ball drills, header drills, spin drills, and cross-line drills. etc. can be switched at will;
    4. Suitable for both personal and team training, rapidly improve a variety of professional skills and enhance the comprehensive competitive strength;
    5. Spiral slide ball track, automatic serving, saving training time and improving training efficiency;
    6. Equipped with high-end wear-resistant pulleys at the bottom, highly portable, enable to enjoy sports anytime and anywhere;
    7. Professional playmate, suitable for various scenarios such as daily sports, coaching, and training.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage  AC100-240V 50/ 60HZ
    Power  360W
    Product size  93x 72x129cm
    Net weight  102KG
    Ball capacity  15 balls
    Frequency  4.5~8s/ ball
    Ball size  5 #
    Serve distance  5~20 m
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    More introduction for soccer shooting machine

    SIBOASI Soccer Shooting Machine is an excellent training tool designed to improve the shooting skills of players of all levels. It is a precision piece of equipment that provides accurate and consistent ball transmission for effective practice. Here are some key features and benefits of the Soccer Shooting Machine.

    Precision and accuracy: The soccer shooting machine is designed to provide precise passing and shooting, giving players the opportunity to practice consistently hitting targets. With adjustable settings, you can recreate various shooting scenarios and practice specific techniques such as slices, volleys or curveballs.

    Versatility and Adaptability: These machines can be adapted to different skill levels and age groups. They can be adjusted to vary the speed, angle and trajectory of the shot to suit each individual's proficiency and specific training needs. This versatility allows for a wide range of training and exercises.

    Efficiency and Productivity: By using the shooting machine, players can maximize their training time and energy. Instead of wasting energy chasing the ball, they can focus on executing their shot, timing their run and improving their positioning. This increases the efficiency of training sessions, increases repetitions and speeds up the learning curve. Realistic Game Simulation: Many soccer goal machines are designed to replicate game situations. They can imitate crosses, through balls and even shots with varying degrees of spin, helping players develop the ability to read and react to different situations they may encounter in the game.

    Customizable Training Plans: Advanced soccer shooting machines often come with pre-programmed training drills and drills that can be customized to specific training goals. These programs can provide a structured and progressive training regimen that allows players to improve different aspects of shooting skills such as accuracy, strength or technique.

    Motivation and challenge: A soccer goal machine can add an element of fun and excitement to training sessions. Players can set goals, compete with teammates, or challenge themselves to beat personal records. This helps keep training sessions engaging, motivating and fun.

    All in all, the Soccer Shooting Machine is a valuable tool for players looking to improve their shooting technique. It delivers precise and consistent passing, offers versatile training options, and helps improve efficiency and productivity during practice sessions. Incorporating a soccer shooting machine into your routine can be a game changer and take your shooting ability to the next level.

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