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SIBOASI electric racket stringing machine S616

Short Description:

Owning a electric racket stringing machine,players can avoid the cost and hassle of having to go to a professional for stringing. Also, players can save time as they can string their rackets themselves without having to wait for a professional stringer to do it.

  • 1.For badminton and tennis racket
  • 2.Adjustable speed,sound, kgs/lbs
  • 3.Self-check,knot,storage,pre-stretch, constant pull function
  • 4.Synchronous racket holding and automatic clamp holding system
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    1. Stable constant pull function, power-on self-checking, automatic fault detection function;
    2. Storage memory function, four groups of pounds can be arbitrarily set for storage;
    3. Set up four sets of pre-stretching functions to reduce damage to the strings;
    4. Knotting and pounds increasing setting, automatic reset after knotting and stringing;
    5. Three-level setting function of button sound;
    6. KG/LB conversion function;
    7. Pound adjusting by "+,-" function settings, adjusted level with 0.1 pounds.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage  AC 100-240V
    Power  35W
    Suitable for  Badminton and tennis rackets
    Net weight  30KG
    Size  46x94x111cm
    Colour  Black
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    More About SIBOASI electric racket stringing machine

    It is true that now there are still many people who use manual stringing machines to string their rackets. Manual stringing machines require more manual effort and skill compared to electronic or automatic machines, but they can still produce good results when used correctly. Some players or stringers prefer manual machines because they offer more control over the string tension and allow for a more personalized stringing experience.

    Additionally, manual machines are often more affordable compared to electronic models, making them accessible to a wider range of players.

    While for a convenient and fast experience, using a digital one is more and more popular for stringing rackets.

    The needs of a racket stringing machine are many. The machine must be able to string rackets of all sizes, shapes, and materials. The tension range must be adjustable to allow for different requirements depending on the player's preference. The machine must be durable and able to withstand regular use without breaking down. It must be easy to use with adjustable positions to cater for different styles of rackets. Finally, it must be portable, or light and compact, to enable ease of transportation so players can use it on the go for tournaments and competitions.

    With the right machine, players can achieve their optimal performance, save time and money, and avoid the potential inconvenience of having to rely on someone else for their rackets' stringing needs. Therefore, investing in a racket stringing machine is an excellent choice for any committed player.

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