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SIBOASI badminton training machine B2201A

Short Description:

Badminton is a popular sport that requires a lot of practice and training to master. To improve the skills of the player, different types of training machines are required.

  • 1. Smart phone APP control and remote control
  • 2. Random drills,Horizontal drills
  • 3. Two-line drills,Three-line drills
  • 4. Netball drills,High clear drills
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    1.Smart remote control and mobile phone APP control.
    2. Intelligent serving, speed, frequency, horizontal angle, elevation angle can be customized, etc;
    3. Manual lifting system, suitable for different levels of player;
    4. Fixed-point drills, flat drills, random drills, two-line drills,
    three-line drills, netball drills, high clear drills, etc;
    5. Help players standardize basic movements, practice forehand and backhand, footsteps, and footwork, and improve the accuracy of hitting the ball;
    6. Large capacity ball cage, serving continuously, greatly improve sports efficiency:
    7. It can be used for daily sports, teaching, and training, and is an excellent badminton-playing partner.

    Product Parameters:

    Voltage AC100-240V 50/60HZ
    Power 360W
    Product size 122x103x305cm
    Net weight 29KG
    Ball capacity 180shuttles
    Frequency 1.2~4.9s/shuttle
    Horizontal angle 30 degrees (remote control)
    Elevation angle manual
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    Is it useful to train by a badminton shooting machine?

    Practicing with a badminton shooting machine can help with some aspects of your game, it should not be used as your only training method. The following points should be paid attention to when using the badminton shooting machine:

    Consistency: The shot machine provides consistent shots, allowing you to practice a variety of shots over and over again. This is great for improving stroke technique and timing.

    Repetition: The machine can hit the ball with a consistent speed and trajectory, allowing you to practice a specific shot or movement over and over again. This helps develop muscle memory and improves overall shot execution.

    Control: With the ball shooting machine, you can better control the speed, trajectory and position of the shuttlecock. This is great for targeting specific areas of the court or practicing specific shots you want to improve.

    Training Alone: Using a shooting machine is a convenient way to practice alone, especially if you don't have a training partner. It lets you improve your skills at your own pace without relying on other people's help.

    While Shooting Machine has its advantages, it's important to note that it cannot replicate the dynamics and changes of playing against a real opponent. Badminton is a dynamic sport, with conditions and opponent movements constantly changing.

    Therefore, it is also crucial to attend regular practice sessions with a partner or coach for drills, footwork, game strategy and game scenarios.

    Additionally, playing with others helps develop your ability to read and react to different shots, anticipate your opponent's moves, and improve your overall feel for the game.

    In conclusion, while a badminton shooting machine can be a useful tool for specific aspects of your game, it should be complemented by regular practice sessions with a partner to develop a well-rounded skill set.

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