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The latest 7th generation smart tennis ball machine equipment T7 from SIBOASI-The most beautiful scenery on the court

Tennis is one of the four major sports in the world. According to data from the "2021 Global Tennis Report" and "2021 World Tennis Survey Report", China's tennis population has reached 19.92 million, ranking second in the world.

However, many tennis fans have heard this query:

"Isn't your tennis a noble sport?"

"Isn't it hard to play tennis?"

"Isn't tennis expensive?"

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The 7th generation smart tennis ball training equipment SS-T7 of SIBOASI, a powerful tennis training expert, gives the perfect answer. You can compete with T7 anytime and anywhere. It is impeccable. There is no need to find high-end venues or expensive coaches. You can quickly advance and sweep away your opponents. T7 has unparalleled cost-effectiveness and has become a beautiful scenery on the court with its six major characteristics: compactness, beauty, convenience, specialness, intelligence and comprehensiveness. T7 is a pioneer in the smart sports industry. With 20 years of sports spirit of "focusing on one thing", T7 has exclusively created a smart tennis ball machine with disruptive influence.

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Small and exquisite, "light" spring vitality

This tennis machine is designed to be light and simple, showing a unique youthful charm. The petite body has a folded size of only 47*40*53cm, while the trunk space of a typical car is 450L or 0.45 cubic meters. The actual space occupied is less than 1/4, making it easy to place and travel with you. The round and plump appearance is like a bud waiting to bloom, blooming with youthful vitality; 

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Ergonomics, beautiful scenery

It adopts ergonomic integrated design, red, white, blue and black, and comes in various colors. Choose your favorite four colors from more than 100 colors. Pull it on during training and perform the "unparalleled double pride" on the tennis court. The high-looking body has smooth lines, injects trend and youth, and is beautifully presented. It perfectly combines practicality and aesthetics. Whether at home or away, it can make you the center of attention on the court.

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Convenient sparring and efficient training

The T7 is specially designed with a detachable ball compartment and an aviation-grade alloy telescopic pull rod. It is smooth to pull up and ready to use. You can easily start practicing at any time at home, on the golf course or in other suitable places. The loading capacity of 120+ balls is just enough to accompany you for an all-round training session where you can sweat without having to pick up the balls frequently. The internal and external optional battery design meets the needs of long-term high-intensity training, and can even be used while charging. As long as the training continues, the sparring will not stop until you are satisfied. The remaining battery power is displayed on the control panel or mobile APP, and the training time can be grasped in real time. The sparring team is so considerate and efficient.

6 special functions, a caring nanny can turn into a military advisor in seconds

Nanny-style service functions such as power-on self-check, remote software upgrade, and low battery reminder ensure that training goes smoothly. Highly difficult flat shots, volley shots, lob shots and combination balls are full of power to help you train with high intensity and improve your ball skills by leaps and bounds. Overwhelm your opponents on the court.

Intelligent control of the home court, start training with one click

With an SS-T7, you can easily and intelligently control the home court. Through dual independent remote control via mobile phone APP or remote control, you can accurately control the action of the ball machine at any position on the court and start training with one click.

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Comprehensive functionality and comprehensive advancement

Open the SS-T7 remote control interface, and you will have all the training functions for fixed-point training (center line fixed-point, forehand fixed-point, backhand fixed-point) as well as volleyball, lob, topspin, backspin, horizontal swing, and various deep and shallow balls. 50 levels of vertical angle/60 levels of horizontal angle, speed, frequency, spin, etc. can be adjusted at will, fully meeting the various training needs of athletes, and suitable for refined and personalized training of players of all levels.

T7 has its own intelligent programming function with 10 groups of programming modes, 21 independently programmed service landing positions, 10 optional service numbers, and a customized three-step combined training method (number of landing positions + number of serves + number of groups). Conduct intensive cycle exercises based on personal weaknesses, correctly regulate forehands and backhands, follow-up swings, pull shots, volleys, cutting and other movements, and flexibly control mobile footwork, allowing you to have better stability, higher accuracy and more powerful Ball control. Various modes such as fixed-point, wide/medium/narrow two-line, three-line ball training, and random training can be switched at will to simulate real games, comprehensively improve skills, and achieve rapid advancement.

Post time: Apr-01-2024