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At the 40th China Sports show, SIBOASI lead to the new trend of smart sports with indoor and outdoor booth

At the 40th China Sports show,SIBOASI lead to the new trend of smart sports with indoor and outdoor booth.

The 40th China International Sports Goods Expo was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center on May 26-29,SIBOASI has both indoor booth B1402 and outdoor booth W006, which is the only brand with double booths among the global exhibitors, among which indoor booth B1402 is the largest booth in the indoor exhibition area of the Expo, and is located in the main channel, the position is very striking. The outdoor booth W006 also covers an area of over 100 square meters, with a large space and a good view. The two "halls" are on the same floor, fully demonstrating the industry strength of SIBOASI as the world leader in intelligent ball training equipment and the benchmark of the national smart sports industry. ‍

Outdoor booth W006

Indoor booth B1402

The inner booth B1402 will display the new iteration and upgraded smart sports equipment of SIBOASI, including smart tennis ball machine,basketball machine,badminton machine,stringing machine, which can meet the sports needs of different groups of people, and can be used for both competitive training and personal sports hobbies. For example, SIBOASI basketball sports equipment has a series of products for children, teenagers, adults and even professional competitive training equipment ,which are tailored for different groups of people.

The outdoor booth W006 will debut China's first "9P smart community Sports Park", This project is exclusively developed by SIBOASI, after a strict selection process and dozens of industry authorities across the country screening, by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State General Administration of Sport jointly assessed as "national smart sports typical case",recognized by the industry for its originality and professionalism. It is understood that this project is the only one in Guangdong province, and it is also unique in the whole country. ‍

Post time: Jul-14-2023