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Various Ball Presses On The Ball And Socket Size Requirements:
Mar 08, 2017

Briquette pressure ball machine on the ball of the ball is generally designed for the flat ball ball machine, ball and socket size is generally controlled in the 30mm-80mm, mainly to the main ball nest, can also be other oblong, etc., if the special shape The demand can be designed drawings, custom pressure roller. But it is worth noting that no matter what kind of shape of the ball nest, in depth are not suitable for too deep. As the pressure ball machine molding method is two pairs of roller extrusion material and forming, too deep will make the material into the depth of the ball nest is not easy stripping.

For the powder pressure ball machine than the common coal ball pressure ball ball nest is appropriate, the powder than the major, shallow ball nest design more easy to release. The desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine generally use wet ball, must be used in conjunction with the encryption machine. Need to first compaction of the material, once again into the desulfurization gypsum pressure with a one-time molding, so desulfurization gypsum ball and socket design should be controlled at 30mm-50mm is appropriate.

In view of the different materials on the ball design is different, it is recommended that you choose the briquette ball machine in advance to consult us, the size of the market with your ideal size and design of the technical size, can maximize the expansion of benefits, Long use.

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