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Tennis Ball Machine Storage Ball Mechanism
Oct 12, 2017

 tennis ball machine Storage ball mechanism

Common tennis dispenser on the market can be divided into the following categories:

1. Two-wheeled serve machine: Roller-type machine is to use the wheels to serve. , Two high-speed rotation, the opposite direction of rotation of the wheels, the space between the wheels is slightly smaller than the diameter of the ball, when the ball from the slide into the two rounds, by the wheels and the ball friction to the ball quickly The

Two-wheeled dispenser

Operation principle of two - wheeled dispenser

2. Portable tennis ball machine: by the ball holding mechanism, the ball body, ejection mechanism and rack and control circuit, through the microcontroller to achieve control. Its working principle is the use of power source compression spring, when the spring to store enough potential energy release spring, the role of the spring potential in the spring with a certain position to obtain a certain amount of initial energy, and then the ball out. The operation of the portable dispenser is mainly the advantage of using the spring to store the larger potential energy.

Portable tennis dispenser

Portable tennis dispenser operating principle

3. Pneumatic ball machine: the use of air compressor pressure generated, stored in the gas cylinder, when the ball fell into the tube, and then release the cylinder of air, the air pressure to the ball out.

4. Ejecting the ball machine: the use of steel stretch of the ball shot. After measuring our existing materials (fan motor), we decided to adopt a two-wheel approach.

Tennis project is not just an elegant aristocratic movement, but also let us feel happy, cultivate sentiment, vibrant movement. More and more people use the weekend to the tennis court practice tennis, tennis training in our first contact is the tennis dispenser, tennis machine can help you more convenient and faster tennis training. Xiaobian today to introduce the operating principle of tennis ball machine.

First, the role of tennis ball machine function

1. Can be arbitrarily set and change the different speed, frequency, direction, placement, spin ball combination mode training.

2. Can be remote control pause, save the power when the ball, and in the training process, the remote control can be placed into the pocket.

3. Serving machine direction control Built-in design, training is difficult to determine the direction of the machine launch, but also reflects the robot human.

4. Serving machine launch point: fixed to the half or the audience.

Second, the tennis ball machine function training

Can be accurate practice: fixed penalty, flat shot, long ball, intercept the ball, touch the earth, backhand back to the ball, positive and back three lines back to the ball, up and down the ball, the audience free kick.

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