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Stringing Machine The Cable System Is Different
Jul 20, 2017

Stringing Machine The cable system is different

Racket threading machine, also known as "racket cable machine", is the tennis racket, badminton racket, squash racket and other racket threading machine. Racket threading machine according to the machine form, can be divided into "desktop threading machine" and "three-dimensional threading machine"; according to the type of threading is divided into "net threading machine", "badminton racket threading machine" and "net feather double racket threading machine "And so on; according to the different cable system can be divided into" spring-type threading machine "," heavy hammer type threading machine "," computer threading machine "and so on. A racket threading machine, generally by the "cable system", "frame system" and "support system" constitute. Pull the cable system is the core, the machine's cable effect is mainly determined by the cable head, so the racket threading machine is more than the nose. Personally feel that heavy hammer threading machine than spring-type threading machine to slightly better, because the heavy hammer type threading machine, using the lever principle, with a constant pull function, pull the line more accurate. And computer threading machine than hammer type threading machine to better, to wise2086 computer cable head, for example,

Boot automatically before using the internal procedures, and can automatically repair, in case of failure will automatically display error detection code

The computer automatically detects the pounds, can automatically fill pounds, while showing the current value of pounds, pounds can be accurate to 0.1 pounds

Unique for the switch automatically make up the pound function, when the turn off the automatic fill pounds, you can pull out the manual threading machine pull out the more soft mesh

Set the pounds fast, the number of pounds to adjust the range: 15 - 86 pounds

Three sections of the cable speed adjustment, suitable for different types of feather mesh racket

Built-in 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% pre-pull function

Touch or foot switch (cable or pause) to choose from

Built-in two groups of commonly used pounds of memory function

You can record the number of pulls between each power-on and off

Liquid crystal display screen, subtitles clear

The general market on the computer threading machine are more than million, and the use of wise2086 computer cable head, then you can maximize the savings, wise2086 computer cable head price around 4000, while providing other computer with the same even better threading effect , It can upgrade your manual to a computer.

   The most commonly used threading method, the two-stage threading process is effective in the distribution of the threading process of the pressure. Advantages, two-stage threading process, the air on the machine, the vertical line from the middle to both sides of the threading, horizontal line from the bottom to wear. (Old version of the YY four-point threading method is to wear from the top down, easy to lead to deformation of the box, and now very few people use) This threading method is to overcome the two points on the film damage, wear on the line, The middle of the beginning of the average pressure to the two sides of the pressure, deformation and pressure are relatively constant, not easy to pull off the feathers of the situation, in the horizontal line also reduces the threading on the vertical line of wear, while constant pressure changes Beat is not easy to deformation.

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