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Stringing Machine Drawing Process Points
Jul 05, 2017

Stringing Machine Drawing process points

Wire and cable through: drawing, twisting, coating three processes to complete, the more complex model specifications, the higher the repeatability.

1. Drawing

In the metal pressure processing, the technical processing method of making the metal forced through the mold (pressing wheel) under the external force and the cross-sectional area of the metal and obtaining the required cross-sectional shape and size is called metal drawing.

Drawing process points: single wire drawing and drawing system.

2. Twisted

In order to improve the softness of the wire and cable, the overall degree, so that more than two single lines, according to the provisions of the direction of intertwined together known as the twisted.

Stranding process points: conductor twisted, into a cable, weaving, steel armor and winding.

3. Covered

According to the different performance requirements of wire and cable, the use of special equipment in the conductor outside the coating of different materials. Coating process points:

A. Squeeze package: rubber, plastic, lead, aluminum and other materials.

B. Longitudinal bag: rubber, wrinkled aluminum material.

C. Wraps: Ribbon tape, mica tape, E-glass fiber belt, non-woven fabrics, plastic tape, etc., linear cotton yarn, silk and other fiber materials.

D. Dip coating: insulation paint, asphalt and so on.

1. Acetal enameled wire, heat grade 105 and 120 two, with good mechanical strength, adhesion, resistance to transformer oil and refrigerant resistance, but the product moisture resistance is poor, heat softening breakdown temperature is low, durable benzene - alcohol mixed solvent Performance and other defects, only a small amount for oil-immersed transformers, oil-filled motor winding.

2. Polyester and modified polyester enameled wire, ordinary polyester enameled wire heat grade 130, the modified enameled wire grade for the 155 level. The product has high mechanical strength, and has good flexibility, adhesion, electrical properties and solvent resistance, the weakness is poor thermal shock resistance, low moisture resistance. It is China's largest production of a variety, accounting for about two-thirds, widely used in a variety of electrical, electrical, instrumentation, telecommunications equipment and home appliances.

3. Polyurethane enameled wire; heat grade grade 130,155,180,200. The most important feature is a direct solderability, high frequency performance is good, easy to color, good moisture resistance, widely used in electronic home appliances and precision instruments, telecommunications, instrumentation, the product weakness is slightly less mechanical strength, heat resistance is not high , And the production of large-scale line of flexibility and poor adhesion, so the product specifications to small and medium-sized lines and more.

4. Polyester imide / polyamide composite enameled wire, heat grade 180 The product has good thermal shock resistance, softening breakdown temperature is high, excellent mechanical strength, solvent resistance and resistance to refrigerant are good, the weakness is in the closed conditions easy Hydrolysis, widely used in high heat requirements of the motor, electrical appliances, instruments, power tools, dry power transformers and other windings.

5. Polyester imide / polyamide-imide composite enameled wire at home and abroad use a more extensive heat-resistant enameled wire, the heat level of 200, the product heat resistance, but also has a resistance to cold, resistant to cold, radiation Characteristics, high mechanical strength, electrical performance and stability, chemical resistance and resistance to refrigerant performance, overload capacity. Widely used in refrigerator compressors, air conditioning compressors, power tools, explosion-proof motor and high temperature, cold, radiation, overload and other conditions of the use of electrical and electrical appliances.

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