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Stringing Machine According To Stranded Way
Aug 03, 2017

Stringing Machine According to stranded way

Twisting machine settings Note:

    1, when the twist point is correct, and then be able to start stranded, available at both ends of the parking test first set by the wide.

    2, the width of the calibration skeleton and the winding point is the first priority, but also the most important.

    3. Strand marked by the size of the diameter is the actual diameter, so it is necessary to set the wire diameter must be added to the thickness of the enamel can be correct.

    4, in the use of aluminum when we must pay attention to, tension is to be transferred to the same thickness of the copper wire is much smaller, so as not to wire diameter, external insulation paint burst, so it is to affect product quality.

    5, the line is not suitable for fast speed (speeding), but it must be noted that low-speed torque is sufficient

    6, cable and skeleton of the outlet distance should not be too far, it will affect the cable with the accuracy of the coupling.

Stranded wire machine in accordance with the way the general can be divided into single twist machine, the twisting machine, high-speed stranding machine, back twisting machine, cage stranding machine, box cutter, tube stranding machine and disc Machine and so on.

Single cutter

Separate single cutter and cantilever type single cutter. Its main application in HDMI, DP, USB, CAT-7 and other high-frequency lines, electronic lines, data lines, core twisted and multi-stranded stranded.

Twist machine

It is mainly used for stranding of high frequency data cable.

High speed stranding machine

Can be divided into automatic high-speed stranding machine and manual tension high-speed stranding machine. Its main application in the computer cable, headphone cable, electronic lines, telephone lines, network lines, PVC line copper stranded.


Used in high-frequency digital cable, so that when the twisted pair, the insulation core position staggered and balanced, to overcome the twist on the force on the uneven, so high-speed twisted, still uniform quality, pitch accurate, Back twist effect is good, excellent performance.

 High-speed cantilever single cutter: suitable for control cable, communication cable, data cable, coaxial cable PE or PVC coated core stranded and the center belt or side bag with a one-time completion. Mainly used for high precision wire core stranded.

    High-speed suspension box single cutter: for control cables, communication cables, power lines and other PE or PVC coated core stranded and the center belt or side bag with a one-time completion.

    The main technical parameters of the twisting machine:

    Machine speed: the greater the speed value, the higher the efficiency.

    To the diameter: the smaller the value, the higher the accuracy. Technical difficulty also increased accordingly.

    Stranded area: the smaller the value, the corresponding increase in technical difficulty.

    Drive motor: the general use of frequency control, easy to control speed.

    The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy.

    Twisted into the reel: right into the line and left into the line two.

    Noise index: reflects the noise when the machine is operating.

    Vibration index: the smaller the value, the more stable operation.

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