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Manual Racket Stringing Machine Ball Online
Jun 14, 2017

Manual Racket Stringing Machine Ball online

The core of the badminton racket on the ball line, the degree of elasticity of the ball and the intensity of the distribution in each ball can determine the intensity of the ball and direction, and this series of work is in a similar shape on a small sewing machine Completed.

As the badminton racket of the different degrees, such as smashing this power type of play, requiring the middle part of the racket to the intensity of a large, so in the process of pulling the ball, the middle of the racket to pull the ball more tight, So that the electronic threading machine will be in the first time according to the material of the ball to calculate the pounds of pounds, for the professional threading staff, you can also directly set the number of pounds, electronic threading opportunities directly by default the ball pull the ball To the set pounds.

For the ball play, basically with the upper half of the racket to complete, the intensity will be relatively small. So the upper half of the ball will have a relatively low number of pounds, then in addition to the use of directly set the pound function, you can also use the manual puller pound number plate, the disk has a lot of parameters for the middle of the ball The number of pounds, there will be corresponding to the required number of pounds around the ball, "This parameter is very accurate, the general professional players are more willing to use this manual threading machine.

At the same time, the threading method is also very particular about, "should wear a vertical line, after the end of a one by one to pull the line and to keep a way to wear a pull, and try not to use the T-hook to quickly pull line, because In the process of fast pull line will cause the ball grinding Sassafras, resulting in overheating, and hurt the ball "Xue Qingyuan said.

As the price of the cable machine, in order to save costs, R & D personnel now developed a combination of tennis and badminton cable function in a threading machine, as long as the conversion of a format and template, you can freely in a machine on the tennis Shoot and badminton racket of the threading work.

Badminton racket threading machine can be divided into heavy hammer rod threading machine, manual threading machine, electronic threading machine. The earliest heavy hammer bar threading machine leveraged principle, but because the machine is not too sophisticated, resulting in the ball is not very accurate pounds.

Now the latest type of manual threading machine and the effect of electronic threading machine is basically the same, "because the threading machine is a very important tool for badminton game, it must carry, but the original weight of iron is very heavy, while difficult to maintain, it is easy to Rust, reducing the precision of the machine. Now the threading device with aluminum alloy instead of the previous iron, aluminum alloy material is also very light also conducive to maintenance.

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