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Football Violate The Penalty
Jul 05, 2017

Football Violate the penalty

A. Before the start of the race,

Application of coin-operated way to open the ball or the venue, the first party should have a kick-off or venue options. The game should be issued by the referee after the signal, by a team of players to kick the ball (that is, kicked off the game in the center of the ball) the other half began. Before the ball is kicked out, each player should be in the side of the half of the team, the team should also keep the ball from the ball not less than 9.15 meters; the ball was kicked out, to be rolling to its own circle Distance, it should be considered the beginning of the game, kick-off players in the ball by other players touch or kick and not before the ball again.

B. After entering the ball, should be a negative side of the players in the same way, re-kick the ball to continue the game.

At the beginning of the second half, the two teams should swap the venue and kick the ball from the other team in the first half.

§ penalties:

A. Any kickoff that violates this rule should be reopened. Such as tee players in the ball by other players touch or kick and then hit the ball again, it should be the other players in the foul site.

B. Kick free kicks.

C. Kick the ball not to score directly.

· D. If the game is suspended due to reasons not specified in these Rules, the ball is not out of the sideline or goal line, the referee should be in the suspension of the ball when the ball position, ball to restore the game, if the The game is suspended when the ball in the goal area, the ball should be suspended in the game when the ball closest position, and the goal line parallel to the goal line on the fall ball, fall ball before the ball landing, the players may not touch the ball, otherwise the referee Members fall again fall ball.

Match the game and dead ball

§ The following situation into a dead ball:

When the ball is over the goal line or the edge on the ground or in the air.

When the game has been stopped by the referee.

From the beginning of the competition to the end of the competition, the competition should be in progress, including:

A ball from the goal post, crossbar or corner flagpole back to the field.

B. The ball from the field of the referee or patrolman who fell on the floor.

C. Field players foul and the referee did not penalty.

Winning method

In addition to the rules, the ball as a whole from the door and the crossbar across the goal line, rather than the attacking side of the players throwing into the hand, deliberately hand or arm into the goal (goalkeeper in the free throw Except in the district), are the attack side wins a ball. In the game, the winning team is a winning team, such as both sides are not winning or the number of wins equal, then the game should be "a draw."

Offside offenders

Ö1. Where the offensive team is closer to the other goal line, that is, in the offside position. Except in the following cases:

The player is in the side of the half.

B. At least two opponents are closer to each other than the player's goal line.

Ö2. When the team kicked or hit the ball for the moment, the same team members in the offside position, the referee that the team members have the following acts, should be sentenced to offside:

A. Interfere with the interference or interfere with each other;

B. Attempt to benefit from offside position.

Ö3. The following circumstances, the team should not be sentenced to offside:

A. The player is only in the offside position;

· B. Players directly received the goalball, corner or outside the ball throwing.

Ö4. The players were sentenced to offside, the referee should be sentenced by the other players in the offside place kick free kick. If the player is offside in the other goal area, the free kick can be performed at any location in the goal area.

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