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Football Seamless Football Bonding
Sep 28, 2017

Football Seamless football bonding

Soccer bear the pressure of large, or for 20 triangular and 12 pentagonal, latex sponge or EV material seamless football bonding principle; the football structure of the strong integration of the shell of a number of films for the 12 pentagonal, or 14 Curved, and practical, round even, no deformation, high elasticity, damage to small, or 15 pentagonal and 20 hexagonal, the trajectory will be more strange (a little force will change), but not enough Of the foot can not reflect the difference between the above, the shell consists of multiple pieces of assembled:

Seamless thermal bonding game football, the ball is easy to control the weight, including a shell, liner and filling holes, so amateur exercise or choose the cheap price of the venue is not demanding the ball is good, which is characterized by the film Side of the film are formed in the inner edge of the fossa, the inside of the film are sticky with elastic film flush with the edge of the nest, the outer winding of a winding layer, outside the winding layer of a vulcanized rubber layer, Rubber or latex bonded canvas material, the shell of the sheet for the PVC, PU or leather material, the elastic film for the elastic rubber, and penetrate into the winding layer, the vulcanized rubber layer and the elastic layer of elastic film Body bonding.

There are sewing shoes with 18 ball leather sewing, seamless is a piece of the entire skin sewing. Two kinds of ball in the operation by the air resistance is different, the effect of force after the different, seamless ball speed, running faster

The seam is the lowest price, hand stitch is upscale, seamlessly only ADIDAS is done. Sewing a worker can do 50-60 balls a day, hand sewing a worker can only do 4-5 balls a day, so that hand ball is expensive, it is estimated that over a few years will become a crafts, because it is too Tradition.

But through a more reasonable geometry and more scientific materials, so that the number of pieces of football required to reduce the minimum number of pieces. This will allow the formation of football with fewer lines, can reduce the friction with the air, while combined with the fluid power, making the football in the high-speed operation more quickly and more erratic. 1, is conducive to the cultivation of outstanding characteristics of the quality of football match against the violent, offensive and defensive changes frequently, the situation is complex and changeable, athletes attention, imagination, creativity, thinking ability and sense of time and space, such as psychological composition of a better impact , Long time to participate in football can also cultivate heroic and firm, firm, progressive progress in the quality of the will, as well as joint collaboration, to observe discipline, fair competition, positive and progressive moral quality.

2, is conducive to enhance physical fitness often participate in football can improve the body speed, strength, endurance, active, flexible and other physical fitness, improve the human nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system and other organs system and muscle, bone and other sports system Function, to achieve physical fitness, to promote healthy intentions.

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