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Football Reasonable Maintenance
Jul 20, 2017

Football Reasonable maintenance

Four years of the World Cup is the most lovers feast, on football, many fans are very focused on its maintenance. Hand stuck football need a reasonable maintenance, maintenance methods in the following for everyone to elaborate.

(1) to the ball to cheer, usually using water or soapy water, and then insert the pump before the needle, usually with water or soapy water to wet it, dry air pump needle may damage the ball valve, causing leakage; If you use a compressor or similar device forcibly inject a lot of air, the ball valve will conflict with the needle suture, resulting in ball rupture; hand stitch football

(2) check the leak, the first time to cheer, there will be air leakage from the pin, it is only when the ball into the ball and lined between the air, which is completely normal, does not mean that leakage ;

(3) after the death of the air to put the net, it is because the ball is often inflated before the game, so it should be sub-ah after the game to give up, the ball is not applicable in the state always keep high pressure will lead to expansion and deformation;

(4) After use in the rain, wipe clean and dry in your waves, keep the ball in a dry, ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.

Hand-stitched football is often maintained in order to make it longer life.

 Chinese society in recent years continue to promote the national fitness, the heat of the heat greatly promoted the development of China's sports industry market, and sporting goods as a basic part of the development of the sports industry has also been rapid and efficient development. China has gradually developed into a world of sporting goods a large base, the industry has begun to enter a stable stage of development.

    Statistics show that by 2010, China's sporting goods industry large-scale enterprise employees reached 329,800 people, to achieve sales income of 83.042 billion yuan. At present, the level of consumption of residents to enhance the macro environment continues to improve, the market demand for sporting goods gradually turn around, all kinds of drama your sporting event consumption stimulus, the entire sporting goods industry grew by 28.54%.

    Industry Research Institute has been published in the "2013-2017 China Sporting Goods Industry Market Outlook and Investment Opportunity Analysis Report" mentioned that the global sporting goods development direction is the mass sporting goods, new sporting goods and high-tech sporting goods, various countries Sporting goods have extraordinary performance, occupies an important position in the national economy. And in the development of China's sporting goods industry is moving in a diversified, multi-level direction of development, youth sporting goods, sports goods for the elderly, fashion sporting goods, etc. will be very promising future investment areas, and with the sporting goods Industry development and product upgrades, sporting goods industry in China's national economy in the status will also continue to improve.

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