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Football Development Path
Jun 23, 2017

Football development path

Football, the "world first movement" in the world, is the world's most influential individual sports sports. The standard football match consists of two teams each with 10 players and a goalkeeper, a total of 11 people, in the rectangular grass court against, attack. The purpose of the game is to try to put the football into the other side of the goal, each shot into a ball can get a point, when the game is completed, the highest score of a team is to win. If you have the same score within the time specified in the competition, you will need to take the form of a game, such as a lottery, plus or another penalty (12 yards). In addition to the goalkeeper in the football game can be used in the restricted area of the use of hand contact with football, the players on the pitch can only use the rest of the body other than the control of football (outside the ball exception).

Development history editor

Ancient football

See also: Cuju, Habastom

Han Dynasty Cuju is a means of training soldiers, developed a more complete system. Such as the special set of the stadium, the provisions of the east and west direction of the rectangle, both ends of the six symmetrical "Ju domain" also known as "Ju room", each by a guard. There is a fence around the site. The game is divided into two teams, each attack and defense, to play into the other side of the number of Ju room to decide the outcome.

After the initial popularity of the Han Dynasty, the Tang and Song dynasties Cuju activities reached a climax, and even appeared in accordance with the location of the division of work on the way. Tang Dynasty Cuju has a variety of ways, there are times the number of golf tournament "play Ju", there are venues hanging network, similar to the network of football "white fight", how many people involved in the scraping "jump Ju", and Set the goal of the game, this way each team has a certain number and fixed position, the provisions of the players can only play in their own position, can not move. At the same time Cuju and Buddhism spread to Japan, Japanese and Korean can still see the use of football as "Cuqiu" usage is affected by China. [2] 

Southern Song "martial arts" has listed the "build the ball thirty-two" race when the two teams list and location: "left army 16 people: the ball Zhang Jun, rocker king pity, relying on Zhu election, head The right pole of the sixteen people: the ball head Li Zheng, rocker Zhu Zhen, relying on Zhu election, relying on Zhang Ning, left Pole net Xu Bin, the right pole Wang Wang, scattered legislation Chen Jun, etc. ". This is considered to be the first football "starting list" in history.

From the Spring and Autumn Period to the Yuan and Ming dynasties, Cuju experienced the process of development to the climax, but in the Qing Dynasty, this activity has entered the decline. It is said that the Greeks and Romans had played a kind of football game before the Middle Ages. They put the ball on the middle of a white field and kicked the ball on the other side of the field, when the game was called "Habastom".

Modern football

See also: Modern football

The origin of modern football is in the UK. Legend In the 11th century, there was a war between England and Denmark. After the war, the British found a Danish invaders' skull in the ruins of the war, and by the anger they used to kick the skull, Met also kicked, but they found the skull kick up the foot pain, so use the bladder bladder to replace it - this is the birth of modern football.

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