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Dry Powder Pressure Ball Machine For What Materials, While The Material Can Make Dry Powder Pressure Ball Machine Production Efficiency Of The Highest.
Mar 08, 2017

1. In the use of high-pressure dry powder ball machine when the choice of materials must be strict, the material must not appear iron, high hardness of the ore, large pieces of these materials, this will be the equipment bearing and roll damage.

2. The water content of the material to be controlled at about 3-5%, so as to avoid high water caused by the material is not easy to shape and damage the ball machine equipment.

3. The size of the material should also have a strict size requirements, less than 1mm of particles to be maintained at 30% to 40%, 1-2mm particles and less than 1mm particles as larger than 3mm particles should be about 10%.

As long as the above three points for high-pressure dry powder pressure ball machine operation can ensure that the finished product effect is very good.

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