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Basketball Movement Feature
Jul 05, 2017

Basketball Movement feature 

Movement feature editing

● confrontation: the duration of basketball can be long or short, but requires the participants to run quickly, suddenly with the continuous take-off, agile response and strength to compete .

● Collective: Basketball not only requires athletes with technical and tactical ability, as well as in the game to show the wisdom, courage, will, vitality and creativity, athletes must also have a brave and tenacious fighting spirit and unity and cooperation spirit .

● ornamental: basketball game, you can enjoy the skill of dribbling, clever pass, accurate shooting, witty steals, wonderful dunk and surprising cover, coupled with offensive and defensive staggered, against the change, so that the game The two sides wits, the stadium situation changes dramatic, so that participants and viewers get psychological satisfaction and pleasure .

● fun: basketball is simple, very interesting, can be because of people, because of the land, because of the need to vary. Through the transformation of various activities, basketball is more convenient and attract people to participate in order to achieve active physical and mental, fitness strong purpose, and then improve the social atmosphere of civilization, enrich people amateur culture and entertainment life .

● fitness: people through the participation in basketball, both physical fitness, but also can make personality, self-confidence, aesthetic taste, willpower, enterprising, self-restraint and other capabilities have a very good development, but also conducive to cultivating unity and cooperation , Respect for the opponent, the moral character of fair competition.

Movement rules editor


Basketball game rules more, and quite complex, a total of 93.

Timeout violation

1.3 seconds Rule: a team control the ball, the same team members in the other restricted area stay no more than 3 seconds. In the course of the game or after the ball in the case of throwing the ball outside the case, as long as the same side of the team in the other restricted area to stay more than 3 seconds, the referee will immediately whistle, penalty 3 seconds violation.

2.5 seconds Rule: When a ball player is tightly defensive, in 5 seconds without passing, pitching, bowling or dribbling, will also be sentenced to violations. The past 5 seconds off the ball, and now the other side by the other players throwing the ball.

3.8 seconds Rule: A team starts from the backcourt control ball and must advance the ball to the front field in 8 seconds, otherwise it will be sentenced to 8 seconds.

4.24 seconds Rule: a team in the field control the ball, you must shot within 24 seconds shot, or sentenced to 24 seconds offenses. In the past 24 seconds after the ball was hit by the other side of the ball will be recalculated for 24 seconds, now throwing the ball from the edge of the ball is no longer recalculated after 24 seconds, but in 24 seconds of the remaining time must be shot, Otherwise it is still sentenced to 24 seconds offenses, sentenced by the other side throwing the ball.

General provisions

The team 7 foul rules and a plus one free throw rules:

At least half a game, a team of players into the foul and technical fouls has accumulated up to 7 times, then any team members of this team again attack foul or technical foul, will implement a plus a free throw rule, awarded to the Invasion of the other players free throws once, such as free throws by the players again additional free throws; such as the first free throws, the game should continue, no longer give the opportunity to add free throws. Such as the free thrower did not hit the ball hit the ball, then sentenced to illegal, by the other side of the line throwing the ball.

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