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Basketball How To Maintain
Jul 20, 2017

Basketball How to maintain

Now more and more people like to play basketball, but for how to maintain the basketball we are not particularly aware of the following and Xiaobian together to look at.

PVC Basketball:

(1) Select the venue, depending on the use of different venues, need to choose a different venue with the ball, choose two: outdoor ball or indoor ball. General wooden floor, plastic floor, water field and other smooth venue selection of indoor ball, that is, with more PU ingredients basketball, cement plant, street ball and mud field selection of outdoor basketball;

(2) basketball fear of water, no matter what kind of material basketball, what brand, what model, basketball is afraid of water, usually should not be careful not to let the basketball get on the water, do not bring in the rain, otherwise the light is reduced Basketball life, while the basketball left the internal injuries, and soon completed the course of life, in addition, the wet basketball is easier to open plastic; PVC basketball

(3) regular inspection, basketball need to regularly check, mainly to determine its inflatable saturation, not too full or no gas, more intuitive check method is the basketball straight hand to the top, light basketball floor, Before, that inflatable appropriate, if the cotton swab that inflated too full, on the contrary that lack of gas;

(4) Do not exposure, when the basketball is not used in a cool dry place, do not put the sunny sunny place, exposure to basketball leather oxidation easily, but also easy to make the bladder burst;

(5) Basketball storage, basketball storage environment is also pay attention to, can not be placed in high temperature, high humidity places, such as sunbudious compartment, after use, try not to wash the basketball with water, and dry cloth is better;

Like playing basketball more and more people, which for the basketball manufacturers to create business opportunities, but there are some small manufacturers of products produced by the failure of your late use. Basketball overall is divided into two kinds, indoor ball with two kinds of outdoor ball.

The difference between the past is to see the rubber between the two ball skin width, wide is the indoor, narrow is the outdoor, the more obvious feeling is the outdoor shoot high, flexible, and the room must be very inflatable, or It is because the wooden floor elasticity than the cement or asphalt to the large number of relationships.

So far, the difference between indoor and outdoor ball should be like this: there are convex and concave particles, the leather is very hard and the price is relatively low outdoor ball, this ball in general, but because there are relatively deep particles, timely stained with dust, But also can have a good coefficient of friction, but the convex and concave particles will meet the polished, when the ball skin will be as smooth as the kraft paper slip, if the quality is good, neither run nor deformation, it will become a tasteless , The taste of the taste of the pity.

Hand sewn basketball

And the indoor ball with different, is dedicated to the clean indoor venues to use, the ball is very flat, in a clean time, there is a large coefficient of friction, it seems a little sticky feeling, in general, the size of the normal hand , Not only can easily single-handedly grab the indoor ball, and even in the process of shooting the ball directly in the hands of the ball caught in the hands, but only when there is no sticky gray, playing in the ordinary outdoor venues, let alone Caught, and may not have as a convex and concave particles of the outdoor ball with anti-skid, and not as good as outdoor ball wear.

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