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Basketball Core Competitions
Jun 23, 2017

Basketball Core competitions

Basketball, English (basketball), is the core of the Olympic Games project, is hand-centered physical confrontation sports.

Basketball, originated in the United States. December 21, 1891, by the United States Massachusetts Springfield Christian YMCA training school (now translated as the United States Springfield College, Springfield College) physical education teacher James Naismith invented [2]. In 1896, basketball came to China, and Yao Ming in 2002 as the champion identity NBA, opened the new frenzy of Chinese basketball.

In 1904, the first time in the St. Louis Olympic Games for the basketball show. In 1936, basketball was listed as an official event at the Berlin Olympics. In 1992, the Barcelona Olympic Games began, professional players can participate in the Olympic basketball game [1-2].

The main international basketball organization was founded in 1932, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the International Basketball Federation (International Amateur Basketball Federation).

The world's highest basketball league is the US Basketball League (NBA) game.

Development history editor

The basketball was invented by the American James John Smith in 1891. At that time, he taught at the Springfield International Training School at the Springfield, Massachusetts. As the local rich peaches, where children are very fond of doing the ball into the peach basket game. Which made him inspired by it, and exploited football, hockey and other ball game features, created a basketball game.

The original basketball game is relatively simple, the size of the venue and the number of players to participate in the game without restrictions. The team divided into two equal numbers of the two teams, respectively, standing at both ends of the court, the referee to the court center after the drop, the two players immediately rushed into the field grab the ball, and strive to throw the ball into the other side of the basket. Because the peach basket is a bottom, the ball after the vote in the basket, people must board the dedicated ladder to remove the ball from the basket.

With the continuous improvement of the venue facilities, the basket to cancel the bottom of the basket, and use the iron instead of peach basket, made of rebounds instead of wire blocks, the venue added midline, circle and free throw line, Jump ball start. At the same time, the field players are usually changed to 5 per team, began to have defender, guard, center, striker, stay and other positions of the points. In addition, Naismith developed a not perfect competition rules, a total of 13 terms, which provides no allowed to run the ball, hold, push people, tripping people, beating and so on. This greatly improved the fun of basketball games, and attracted more people to participate in this game, so that basketball quickly spread to the United States.

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