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Badminton Machine Transmission System
Jun 08, 2017

Mao ball movement is a fine action, technology complex and changeable, against the fierce competitive projects. Today's world of badminton has developed to a new level, it not only requires athletes with mature technology, flexible tactics, but also need good physical fitness. It can be seen that the unity of the heart, body and body of the athlete is an important guarantee for achieving excellent results. Based on this idea, I designed a badminton player for badminton training. It was mainly composed of support system, transmission system, launch system and automatic feeding system. Which in the launch system, the use of motor compression spring, the use of elastic force to launch badminton, automatic feeding system is intended to use the sheave mechanism to drive the pulley intermittent rotation, which will be badminton into the launch nozzle. This badminton dispatcher is very suitable for athletes and beginners to use, at present our country has made a little success in this regard, but compared to abroad, our country in the accuracy and frequency of the service is still very different, so need to be more perfect.

With the vigorous development of sports in China, and now the sports training equipment has been varied, such as volleyball throwing machine, table tennis machine, football machine and so have long been seen in the application, but the badminton service device did not appear, and its own In order to meet the training requirements of the athletes, the server needs to launch a fixed penalty, high drop, variable speed ball and other simulation reality game ball, followed by badminton is not like football Table tennis as the rules of the ball, the feather part of the vulnerable to damage, which gives the design difficult, due to the above reasons make the requirements of the badminton machine is very high, there is no professional domestic staff to conduct a similar study. At present, the annual output value of sports industry has reached 200 billion US dollars. The ball on the market and the use of the market will fill the gaps, with the national badminton sports attention, all kinds of professional team training training machine total demand of at least 1500 sets, selection test serve machine due to his special role, the demand less. In addition, with the development of the national fitness campaign, the development of various types of fitness venues is also very fast, used in urban fitness venues of the demand for at least 3000 sets of equipment, because badminton is not limited by the venue, all kinds of public places can also Set a number of sets of badminton serve for human entertainment, national fitness dispenser.

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