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What is the effect of controlling the ball machine on the ball into the ball?
Mar 08, 2017

1, the impact of bentonite on the ball speed, this phenomenon is mainly due to the strong and water-based bentonite and water-based decision.

2, the impact of water on the ball speed, each raw material has its most appropriate water value, if the water value below the raw material into the ball with the increase in the amount of water to increase, if the water value, The raw material with the increase can not be pressed with a pressure ball machine with a certain strength and size of the pellet.

3, to improve the rate of the ball into the ball to reduce the growth rate of pellets. Bentonite is added into the pressed material to improve the nucleation rate of the material, reduce the growth rate of the pellets, make the pellet grain size tend to be small and uniform, and improve the ball formation rate.

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