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The relationship between the ball and socket of the ball machine and the material
Mar 08, 2017

And the different types of pressure ball machine the size of the ball and the nest will vary depending on the material to achieve a variety of different requirements.

For dry powder pressure ball machine, you need to choose the flat square ball, and the ball and the nest is not large, and very shallow, the main reason is the dry powder ball machine in the suppression of raw materials, not allowed to add any adhesive , If the use of deep ball nest and large ball nest, then the ball rate is not high. Even difficult to shape.

For the coal pressure ball machine and iron pressure ball machine, should try to use a large ball nest, ball should be set into a round ball, so as long as the control of the material moisture and the amount of adhesive, the finished product ball The yield is as high as 95 percent, and the ball is very good. If you can not, try the second ball, you can guarantee the rate and intensity.

For desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine, should choose small and medium ball nest, and the diameter of the pellet should also choose 3-5 cm, because the gypsum in the pressure when the ball is a certain amount of water, is the use of wet pressure ball Method to suppress, if the water is a bit large, can be used pressure machine preloading.

 The above materials are the most common materials, the pressure ball machine ball strength depends not only on the adhesive, but also depends on the use of raw materials according to the situation, so the choice of machine and pressure ball ball nest is also particularly important choice.

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