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The Importance of Roller Skin Cleaner for Coal Ball Press
Mar 08, 2017

The briquette pressure ball machine uses a pagoda type or a compression feeding screw, which is essentially equal to two compression. Although the compaction process of the granules and powders can be seen in some places similar to those of other forms of fluid compressors, the compressive and flow properties of these materials are distinctly different from the two-phase or single pure liquid and gas The The diameter of the wheel is 6 to 60 inches, the molding pressure is taken from 10000 to 100000, the preload pressure is 0.01 to 100 lb / in2, and the remaining variables are fixed. Briquette machinery and equipment maintenance is not too difficult, first of all you have to know the main components, this mechanical equipment is a reducer, motor, two rollers, a set of skeleton. For important organ rollers, the rollers are a set of rollers and roll cores, and in these parts the roll is most important because the roll is the first element in determining whether the material can be properly pressed.

First, after the completion of each press roll to complete the preparation of the roller to make clean up the roller to ensure that there is no residue inside the ball of the ball, so as not to use for a long time, the material is difficult to clean out, so briquette pressure machine The ball will be irregular, and even the phenomenon can not be stripped. Once the roller can not be stripped or out of the material is not necessary to adjust the roller skins to adjust the briquette pressure ball machine, long-term operation may cause displacement of the roll, so that the ball can not control the ball, the ball It is impossible to shape, so the cleaning work of the roll is very important.

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