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In the operation of the pressure ball machine users common problems
Mar 08, 2017

1, pressure ball machine equipment no regular rotation: When the pressure ball machine equipment appears irregular rotation, it is recommended that the user first check the center equipment has no error operation, and then to check the pressure ball machine equipment menu function. To see if there is no start to understand the random scan mode. If the above checks are normal, then the problem is generally due to interference caused by data communication lines, and sent messenger information caused. These interference mainly comes from the transmission path sprinkle the girl's electromagnetic interference, so it causes the optical transceiver in the radio and television when the deviation occurs.

2, pressure ball machine equipment speed problem: For pressure ball machine equipment, the normal working speed to be controlled at 3-13r / min, material pressure time is 0.6-0.8s. When the equipment speed is not enough or overspeed, the equipment will cause the pellet bad product phenomenon. Because the Dangdang material rotates to the line contact point of the two rollers, the pressure on the material has reached its peak. The principle of speed is that when the material from the top of the ball press down into the time, the presence of loose solids in the air will be compressed or squeezed out, then the density of the material will increase accordingly. Then if the pressure ball machine during this period is not high, then the air may also be missed, then the pressure on the raw materials will be reduced, the final ball of poor quality.

3, pressure ball machine equipment blocking material, mold release problem: When the pressure ball machine equipment in the production of the material ratio is not done, there will be blocking materials, bad mold release situation. The problem is due to the material in the ratio of time, the addition of moisture caused by unreasonable. The advice for everyone is that the moisture of the material is to be controlled between 8 and 13 percent. Pressure ball machine equipment speed should ensure that between 10-20 turn, not too low, too low is not easy pressure ball machine stripping.

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