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Improve the quality of coal briquette blasting machine has the following methods:
Mar 08, 2017

1, to improve the bulk density of coal can improve the quality of coke. Because of the increase in bulk density, the gap between coal particles is reduced, and the glial is easy to fill the void during the coking process. The gas is not easy to precipitate, and the swelling and fluidity of the glial are increased, so that the contact between the coal particles is more closely , The formation of solid solid coke. In addition, the bulk density is high, the coke shrinkage during the coke process is small, so the coke cracks are small, and the strength of the coke is improved. Coal pigeon solid process, with briquette technology, coal + process and coal preheating process and other methods can increase the density of coal. In this way, you can use high-volatile weakly bonded gas coal, can also be equipped with the right amount of non-condensed coal and weak cohesive coal to expand the coking coal resources.

2, to optimize the coal crushing process. The crushing fineness and particle size of coking coal have a great influence on the quality of coke. Should not be mixed with a variety of coal before going to crush. According to different coal (rock phase composition of the hardness difference), according to different particle size requirements for crushing and screening (can use mechanical or wind). For the higher hardness of coal and other coal to fine broken for calcined coking coal and fat coal may have a larger particle size. Different coal, grouping crushed, put forward different particle size requirements. This is called the choice of pulverized coal process. This process can improve coal coking and reduce coke cracks, thereby improving the quality of coke. To test, optimize the best of the enterprise coal fineness of the program, to guide the coke to optimize production.

3, with additives. In the installed coal with the right amount of Qian Jie agent and thinner and other non-coal additives, can change its coking. The process is suitable for the low flow of weak knot coal, there is improved coke mechanical strength and coke reactivity effect. With the slimming agent process for high mobility of high volatile coal material, can increase the coke block, improve the coke mechanical strength, improve the coke stomatal structure. These two processes can also be used at the same time, complement each other.

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