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Dry powder pressure ball machine knowledge
Mar 08, 2017

One of the usual solutions is through the admixture, that is, we often say that the adhesive to increase the viscosity between the material. But a wide variety of adhesives, the choice should be treated with caution. The production of the adhesive is based on the characteristics of a particular material to the special, so it is best to sit down the experiment, so as to ensure the results.

Change the chemical state of the material, that is, to change the density of molecules between the material, so that more conducive to the bonding between the level of materials. Because a repression is difficult to change the molecular structure of the material, so we generally conservative situation, is the use of two pressurized way to suppress the material twice, which is a way to deal with.

Dry powder particle size, size and hardness of different nature, the equipment requirements of the configuration is also different, large or large particles of materials need to be crushed before they can be pressed into the pressure ball machine equipment to suppress; dry powder water content is too high to consider the use of Drying equipment after drying, in the suppression, so according to the actual situation to decide.

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