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Description of the use of briquette pressure ball machine
Mar 08, 2017

Briquette pressure ball machine production and its model is linked to the use of different parameters will result in different production, of course, the cost of production is not the same. Users must first be familiar with the briquette ball machine equipment process and operating procedures to check whether the pressure forming parts pressure enough to cooperate with the mixer and feeder operation, according to the situation of pressure ball control production schedule. When the pressure on the coal ball pressure equipment to meet the standard after the discharge, pressure ball machine running 3-5 minutes to start cutting, material mixing 20-30 seconds to suppress. Second, in the briquette pressure ball machine to suppress the material process, we must confirm the full amount of raw materials to join, and control the pressure and briquette molding and other factors. Through the appropriate adjustment of pressure ball machine equipment to suppress the parameters to ensure that the briquette pressure machine can work smoothly. Operation should pay attention to the normal use of machinery and equipment and the precise adjustment of ingredients. Briquette pressure ball machine equipment production is completed when the matching mixer and the ancillary equipment for cleaning, after cleaning all the valves closed, the switch hit the stop state. If the abnormal situation in the process of briquette, please immediately cut off the power to remove the material to ensure that the briquette equipment after the loss of technical personnel by the maintenance of timely troubleshooting to ensure that the entire briquette ball machine production process successfully completed.

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